Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We Have Arrived!

Finally we're here! And not without a couple of mini dramas along the way.

I'd just like to thank everyone who told us that we could combine our weight, unfortunately that wasn't the case. We were allowed to take 23kg's each and we weighed in at 29kg between us. Oops! Fortunately the "nice man" on the desk let it slide but we've been told to separate it for the trip home. Then the "nice man" told us we weren't allowed to take any liquids or gels on the plane so that's moisturizer, deodorant, toothpaste and all the things that makes life a little nicer. So we had to check all of it, what we didn't know is that the "nice man" had no idea what he was talking about and that we could take it on board as long as it was under 100mls and in a glad bag. I tell you I wasn't happy! So we arrived in LA smelly, tired and just in need of sleep and a good shower!

Although we didn't have our comforts the flight was pretty good, I slept for most of the way but poor Ben wasn't so lucky. I'm small enough to fit on the seat lying down Ben wasn't so fortunate. We had an empty flight so we had a row of 4 to ourselves and we were able to lie down and get comfy. Customs in LA was fantastic! It all happened so fast and the staff were really nice and George Bush now has our fingerprints and photos on file. We arrived in LA at 10am this morning which is still Wednesday so we've gained time... we're so tired and its only 3pm.

So far what we've seen of LA its really smoggy and doesn't look all that attractive. Its so big, everything is so big! We're staying in Anaheim at the Holiday Inn which is actually OK considering the price is pretty cheap. Not much around other than Disneyland but I'm sure we'll work our way around, at this stage a shower is all we wanted. So far we've been to The Block shopping mall, and we've seen the Crystal Cathedral and we're definitely going there for church on Sunday, its amazing, TV doesn't do it justice.

So for now, we're taking it easy, will probably go and do something fun tonight. Looks like Disneyland tomorrow, Ben just can't wait any longer, but I think that's a nice way to spend our wedding anniversary.

Hope you're all well and that I'm making this as interesting as possible, when I get some sleep I'm sure it will be a lot more exciting.

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