Monday, February 12, 2007

Trip outline

As promised here is a map of the locations we will be visiting while in America.

I know this isn't the most ideal map to check out so I've added some more details of our trip below.

  • First we fly to L.A. from there we make our way to The Holiday Inn Anaheim. We are here for about a week checking out the sites.

  • Once we are done in Anaheim we pick up a car and trek through the Nevada desert to Las Vegas

  • From Las Vegas we make our way to San Francisco with an overnight stop off to Yosemite National Park

  • After San Francisco we make our way up to Seattle, this is where I'll be attending the MVP world summit. While I'm doing that Ally will be taking in the sights of Seattle.

  • After our last week in Seattle we'll be heading back home. So this is it until we get to L.A.


    Kath & Dave said...


    Looks like it is going to be a really fun trip. Looking forward to reading all about it.

    Love ya

    Nancy said...

    hey guys,
    will definitely miss you while you're over there!! Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!!
    Luv nancy

    danielle said...

    hey guys !!!
    love the info thus far, and cant wait to see and hear about all the amazing things that you will get to see and do while there.
    will miss you but cant wait for the fun catch up afterwards...
    love ya,
    p.s. its also fun to talk like an aussie (g'day mate) as it perpetuates the bad stereotype and makes friends; and to sing american TV theme songs...

    AndyN said...

    Excellent that you're going to blog it Ben - look forward to hearing all about it (and I'm jealous as all hell). Bring me back something cumbersome and expensive :)

    Nathanael said...

    sooo... I'm reading this now
    Ben, don't dissapoint me with this blog :P
    have a good holiday