Thursday, February 22, 2007

Disneyland + rain = :o(

Today reminded me the most of Melbourne, we went from cool, to sunny and warm, to pouring with rain. We spent the day at Disneyland, the happiest and the soggiest place on earth. The day started really well and Disneyland is just a place you have to see to appreciate, its big and everything is so beautiful. We were there from 9.30am to 8pm and we only made it around maybe a quarter of the park! We visited as many Star wars things as we could find, had our photo taken with every character we saw, went on every ride we went past, ate terrible American food and looked in all the shops... oh and of course, we lined up to get our photo with Mickey Mouse! I have to say the highlights were the Tea cups, the Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones. Unfortunately the parade was cancelled due to really, really, really wet weather. It was sunny for most of the day and then at about 6pm it pelted down with rain. I was soaked from head to toe.. my jacket was waterproof but not for that kind of rain. So all layers of my clothes were soaked through. Which meant we had to call it an early night.

I have also decided that my clothes just aren't warm enough for an American winter, must go shopping. I also have option anxiety in regards to Disneyland... there are so many cool tops, pj's, and bags.

Tomorrow we've booked a trip to Universal Studios, hopefully the rain will hold off.

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