Monday, February 26, 2007

Our last Disney adventure

Firstly thanks so much for all our emails, its so fantastic to hear from everyone and find out all that's going on at home, it makes us feel much closer so keep them coming. I'll try my best to reply as soon as I can.

So today was our last day at Disneyland so we tried to do everything we missed. Started the day at California because that's the smallest, Ben went on a massive roller coaster and I watched... I don't do upside down. Then we moved onto Disneyland where we spent the rest of the day. I love Disneyland! I've decided my favourite ride is Thunder Mountain, its a very fast roller coaster in an old rickety train. Ben loved Space Mountain, which I have to admit is also great! Its also a turbulent roller coaster but its in the dark. Kath you would love it, its like Scooby Doo but faster! We also decided to visit the ice-cream parlour, we've been tempted all week. I had a chocolate fudge sundae, it had whole chocolate chip cookies in it, that's what I call an ice-cream they do things properly here. The park closed at 8pm tonight which was really early for us so we tried to do Downtown Disney for dinner and make it back in time for the last bus. We got stuck in the Disney store and ended up in a taxi back to our hotel but at least we got all of our souvenirs. I bought some fantastic Mickey Pj's that I've been looking for in my size since we arrived, it was near impossible but I got the last pair.

So now we're waiting for the washing machine to finish so we can use it, running out of clothes already, you need to wear lots of layers here. Tomorrow its Tijuana!

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