Monday, February 26, 2007

Disneyland and Hollywood

We've been so busy we've completely forgotten to tell you all about what we've been up to, but don't worry we're still here and we're still having fun. We spent Saturday on an LA/Hollywood tour. We were so lucky because not only did we get to go to Mann's Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre but we got to see all the set up for the Academy Awards. Hollywood was really exciting but its not as beautiful as we expected, the Walk of Fame really is just a footpath with stars on it. We also visited Farmers Market, downtown LA and Venice Beach. Unfortunately the bus driver was terrible and a young girl sitting across from us vomited all over herself and the bus, we couldn't get off fast enough.

Saturday night Disneyland was open until midnight so we saw the parade and fireworks. It was so fantastic we went back last night to see them again. We've spent most of our nights either at Disneyland or Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a part of Disneyland that's free, it has cafes and shops. The first day we visited Disneyland the computer system was down and they couldn't process our tickets so they gave us one for the day and we had to go back later and change it, we were supposed to do that on the same day but that was the day of the massive downpour and we just forgot. So instead of having a three day pass we got four days for the same price. So far we've spent 3 days there but we've split it into nights as well.

Sunday we visited the Crystal Cathedral for the morning service. We both really enjoyed it and Sara Groves was a visiting artist. She performed her new song which sounded amazing in that building. The building is gorgeous, it really is something you need to see. Later that day we went to California Adventure which is the other theme park at Disneyland, and we spent the night at Disneyland.

We're both really well, I've been having some back pain and I think its because of all the walking but it doesn't seem to be going away, its just annoying. Weather has been fantastic but as you can see by the photos it's still cold. I'm getting a bit sick of the food and I can't wait to get out of the tourist areas, all you can buy is junk food and I'm feeling really disgusting, I'd love some veggies!

Today is our last day at Disneyland, bit sad but we've really enjoyed ourselves. We'll try our best to keep the posts more regular, sorry to those who were expecting one.

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