Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We are so silly!

We did the dumbest thing today! I have no idea why, probably because we thought we're on Australian time but we thought we were supposed to check out today. So we checked out of the Holiday Inn and caught a shuttle to the John Wayne airport where we were supposed to pick up our rental car and drive to Las Vegas. When we arrived at the rental desk we found out that we weren't meant to pick up our car until tomorrow. It was then that we realised that we had checked out a day early and the airport shuttle was expensive. Fortunately they had a lot of cars available and were able to get our car a day early for an extra $40, with all the extras and it was a 4 door instead of the 2 door we'd booked.

So with a full day up our sleeves and our hotel laughing at us we just decided to take it easy once we'd come back and checked in again. So we travelled around Orange County and visited Westfield in Santa Ana in search of another suitcase. We didn't find anything there so we went to Target and had an absolute blast. We bought a set of luggage which will fit absolutely everything we buy for the rest of the trip. I had a ball in the cosmetics department, it is so much cheaper here than at home and you can buy designer perfumes very cheap. I picked up some Ralph Lauren for $20! Everyday cosmetics range between $2 to $6, if I lived here I wouldn't be so broke. So now we've spent too much money and we're just having a relaxing night in Anaheim before we go to Las Vegas tomorrow.

Driving is ok, quite scary for me as a passenger, its really different driving on the wrong side of the road and its hard to judge where the end of the car is. We have hired a Chevrolet Malibu, its quite gutsy and has some nice extras. We're still getting used to the driving and I haven't had a go yet but we have GPS and its great! If we can drive on the freeways in LA we'll be fine.

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