Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Buenos Dias Amigos!

Tijuana is an interesting place, on one side its full of poverty and on the other its a place where tourists party and get ripped off! We had a great time, beer costs $2 and margaritas cost $3, we both got a huge meal of tacos and Ben sampled some Mexican beer, and so far no food poisoning.

Mexico is known for its quality silver and leather and knowing us we got sucked in by the sales people but we're also tight so we bartered really well. We both came out with a leather jacket each and I got a great leather handbag. I wasn't a fan of the silver jewelry so to my surprise (and yours) I didn't buy any jewelery, Ben did buy a nice ring. It was a full on shopping experience, you don't have to lift a finger they bring it all out for you. We only shopped in the places that were recommended by the tour guide so we knew we were getting quality but its also not hard to tell whats real and whats fake. The lady who owned the leather shop was lighting our jackets and bags on fire to prove that it was real. Its still one of those places that even if you did get a bargain you come out feeling like you may have been ripped off. Oh well you only live once and I'd like to think I know quality when I see it. You can all be the judge when we come home. We only saw one Zonkey because of the rain, they don't come out in the rain because their stripes wash off.

Although we enjoyed ourselves the poor areas shocked us a bit and I'm glad that we went because it really makes you appreciate what you have even if you do live in Werribee its not all that bad.

Tomorrow we leave LA and pick up our car to drive to Las Vegas. I think I'll drive ok but prayers are always welcome. Not sure if we'll have web access in Vegas but I'm assuming we will so hopefully you'll hear from us soon. If not don't panic, we'll just be out having too much fun and partying too hard.

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