Monday, March 12, 2007


Well we made it to Seattle and our trip is almost over. So far Seattle is living up to its name, its rained the last two days, is about 10 degrees, and has a lot of shopping.

Yesterday we drove from Portland to Seattle with the rain getting heavier as we approached our destination. We had to make a quick stop at Target on the way here so I could get the rest of my makeup and perfume supplies (I now own all the Ralph Lauren perfumes I can find). I love Target here! We arrived at the Grand Hyatt and checked in quickly so we could take the car back before 5pm. Ben had grown attached to the car and it was hard but he handed the keys over easily. It was pretty wet so we just went out for dinner and a movie across from the hotel.

Today we took in the sights of Downtown Seattle in the morning and then went our separate ways in the afternoon. Ben registered at the MVP conference and went to a few things he had on and I found some shops and had a quick look at the Pike Place Market. I think I'll be able to occupy myself for the week. Later in the afternoon we met up and visited a renowned Donut shop called Top Pot Doughnuts, it lived up to its name!

Tonight Ben is out at a dinner with the other Australian MVPs and I'm planning on going to the gym and spa at the hotel as well as catching up on our emails. The MVP conference is quite big and Seattle seems to be infested with computer nerds. Its funny because you can pick them from a mile away! They are where ever they can get free wireless Internet. Plus they all wear their name tags everywhere! Ben is enjoying himself so I guess that's the main thing. He already has a lot of freebies and is planning on more. Suitcases are looking very full!

Tomorrow I'm planning on taking on the Pike Place Market... its huge so it will take a day!

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