Saturday, March 10, 2007

On the road again

Well we're back on the road for our last trip up the coast to Seattle. The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful with us driving for most of the day and stopping over in smaller towns at night.

San Francisco was fantastic and we were sad to leave. We spent our last day visiting all the sites trying to get as much in as possible. We went to Postcard Row or as I like to call it the Full House house, the shopping district and Union Square, Lombard Street 'the crookedest street in America', and the Aquarium. We rode the cable car as many times as we could, its so much fun because the streets in San Fran are so steep its like a roller coaster. San Fran really is a pretty town with a most of the houses being Victorians. We were lucky to be staying on the Wharf which I think is one of the best locations in San Fran, there are great restaurants, shops, the Sea Lions, and a great view of Alcatraz.

Yesterday we travelled from San Fran to Medford. We drove through the mountains and got to see a lot of snow. Medford is a small town and was really just s stopping point, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which was fantastic with a complimentary breakfast (something you just don't see here).

Today we drove from Medford to Portland which was about 5 hours and again more snow and mountains. Beautiful countryside. Portland is a big city about 3 hours out of Seattle. Unfortunately it was raining pretty heavily today so we didn't get to see much outside of the shopping mall. So we decided to go to the movies to see Wild Hogs. Dad, you have to see that movie, you'll find it hilarious and I think you should go with Sparrow, its really a biker bonding movie but if you decide to go with Mum she'll love it too. Not sure if its out in Australia but its great. Tonight we're staying at the Hilton which was the only hotel that had cheap rooms available (what a bummer) so its a nice change and its really preparing me for whats to come for the rest of our trip at The Grand Hyatt.

We're both really well, can't say much for the weather its just getting colder as we go higher. Ben starts the MVP conference on Monday and we hand the car back tomorrow (which Ben is devastated about). We're sad that the road trip is coming to an end but we're a little sick of the car so we'll be happy to stay in one place for a week. Not sure if we'll have Internet access as most of the expensive hotels charge you for it but hopefully we'll be able to do some more posts before we leave. Hope you're all great!

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