Wednesday, March 7, 2007

San Francisco

Today we discovered the truths behind Alcatraz. It truly is an amazing place full of stories and history. We went on the self guided tour which takes you all over the grounds and has commentary from former inmates and wardens. The weather was fantastic for it (the picture was taken later today, when it got worse) it was cold but sunny.

The prison is slowly falling apart and is being restored as best as it can but we're glad we saw it now because it doesn't look like it will be around forever.

This afternoon we went on a bay cruise which took us under the Golden Gate bridge, the weather was ok when we were on the wharf but soon turned overcast (which its known to do) as soon as we reached the bridge. It was so windy but it was still great to see it so close. We also saw the Sea Lions which float on the pontoons at the Wharf.

Tonight we hopped on a cable car (so fun!) and went to Powell street to check out the shops and restaurants. We spent too much time in the shops that we missed dinner. There is so much shopping to do in San Fran and the clothes are so different here. The cable cars are great, you can hang out the sides and really enjoy the ride. The streets of San Fran are so steep that its like a roller coaster ride on the cable cars.

Tomorrow we plan to find the 'Full House' house on Postcard Row, visit Lombard Street (the crookedest street), hit the shops and union square, and hopefully visit the Aquarium.

For all those Full House fans, I haven't been able to get the song out of my head since we arrived and I've now got Ben onto it. Everytime we see the bridge we just have to sing.

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